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Medical Services

The Clarkston Community Health Center (CCHC) is a community-based clinic in Clarkston, GA that provides the following services:


  • Free healthcare services, including the full range of preventive and primary care, mental health and dental/oral health services for uninsured and underserved individuals.

  • Language Concordance:  Our providers and other volunteers speak a variety of languages and, in most cases, can speak the language of our patient population, which comes from at least 15 different countries.  Language concordance and cultural familiarity is one of the keystones of the clinic’s model of care.

  • Provider Expertise: The clinic’s providers have decades of experience in primary care, internal medicine, and specialty fields such as cardiology, emergency medicine, gastroenterology, obstetrics-gynecology and women’s health.  They come from a breadth of medical, academic, public and private sector organizations.

  • We offer laboratory diagnostic services to our patients, and phlebotomy is done on site.

  • We provide free pharmaceuticals to our patients, who qualify, from our onsite dispensary.

  • The clinic provides women’s health including Pap smears, clinical breast exams, and addresses lifecycle changes in health, particular to women experiencing menopause.

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